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When you look at your house, you don’t usually notice the door knobs. It’s time to change that! Accessorize and accent your home with some brand new door knobs. Your doors can add to your home décor! All our exterior hardware is individually keyed or can be keyed alike.



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Door Knobs - Exterior
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Door Knobs - Interior

We have great selections of door hardware at Your Home Supply. Decorative door knobs help finish a new home build or a remodel. Matching the bathroom door knobs with the hinges and other hardware really helps make a room appear polished. New kitchen hardware can also make a huge difference in a room. Match the handlesets with kitchen cabinet pulls for the same finished look as the bathroom.

Check out all of our Door Levers finishes: Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze, Matte Black, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Polished Brass, Polished Chrome, or Satin Nickel.


Getting to Know Door Knobs 

A Door Knob can be classified according to the purpose of the usage. Some door knobs are decorative while others are functional. Others are used as a security measure. It is also possible to match a utility oriented doorknob with good looks. Cabinet doorknobs are usually used as decorative handles that are commonly seen in homes and office cabinets.

There are four basic types of doorknobs:

Passage doorknobs are also known as closet knobs or hall knobs, which are generally placed where a lock is not essential. Privacy doorknobs are normally used for bathrooms and bedrooms. These doorknobs can be locked and do not have a cylinder, which needs to be keyed. In many cases, a generic unlocking tool is also provided for conveniences. Dummy doorknobs are fixed knobs; they're an excellent solution for closet doors. Many times a latch is also not required. These doorknobs are mostly used on the inactive doors, which are a set of double doors.

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